August 15, 2010

Getting to know you

1. What kind of athlete has the hottest body?

Ooh, I think it might be a runner.

2. Are you a planner or a procrastinator?

I like to plan ahead. I consider myself fairly organised.

3. Diet or regular (soda)?

For me it has to be diet.

4. What's your one "must have" for Fall?

A scarf, I hate having cold ears and nose when it is icy cold and windy.

5. What's your favorite fast food restaurant?

I do like a good pizza hut but it would have to be a chinese take-away.

6. What do you think is the sexiest profession for a guy?

Something that demands a uniform!!! Steve is a train driver and has to wear a shirt and trousers. He looks so smart!

7. Did you wear braces?

No, but I always wanted to as a kid!

8. Would you rather have a guy that's super sexy or kind?

Kind! But them I'm lucky - my guy is both!

- Posted using my iPhone, isn't technology great?

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