August 06, 2010

An eventful day!

My mum has recently has an operation on her foot and is on crutches, she is getting much better though and is getting out and about more.

So I thought today I would take her out to Tesco for a small wander and maybe a coffee as our local one has a costa coffee. The only thing is that I do not have my own car at the moment and I knew mum wouldn't mind me driving us in her car. Its not getting a lot of use at the moment so it needed a jolly!

We put the children in the car and got in, I put the keys in the ignition.......nothing! The battery had died! We were all in the car and really wanted to go, so.… I drove my Dad's truck down the drive (which is big and is now the biggest car I have driven!) and we prepared to jump start my mum's car.

Anyone that knows me will know that this is a huge deal for me! I am so Girly and know nothing about cars, I wouldn't pass my driving test now as they have to lift the bonnet and name things!!!!

Well we worked well in a crisis and between us we jump started the car, this is now one of my proudest moments!! I usually don't even know how to pop the bonnet and struggle with lifting it (nails!).

So we managed to get to Tesco and do our shop, Adam spent the whole time asking for a balloon (as they have a promotion on at the moment) and looked quite upset that I was not making his request happen!

I went over to a lady at the store and asked if my son could please have a balloon, she pulled an I'm-not-sure face and I looked over at Adam in the trolley stood with my mum and he was now giving the puppy-dog eyes! As soon as she saw him she smiled and instantly cut a balloon down, this has now made his day and he carefully held onto his balloon all the way home... Then all the way home from my mum's house....while he was eating dinner.... Playing with toys...having his nappy changed and right up until he went to bed!

I'm actually surprised that he hasn't taken it to bed!!!!

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scrappyjacky said...

Isn't it wonderful how such a simple thing can make a small child so happy.

jennifer said...

Well done for jump starting the car, I wouldn't know where to start!

My daughter loves balloons too, especially the helium filled ones. I miss the days when things like that seemed magical! (Though I do still love bubbles!) xx

Sian said...

I hate car stuff so I think you kept very calm :)

Wouldn't it be great to go back to a time when a balloon was your hearts desire?