August 31, 2010

Cute little cupcakes

What a nice surprise, I was reading my comments this morning and found that the lovely Jen had left a little something for me:

Thank you Jen, this gave me a much needed smile today : )

Blog award etiquette:

  • Firstly I post a piccy of the award - Check
  • Next I share some random facts that I haven't shared before - Check

1. I am currently learning Sign Language, not for any particular reason - I have just always wanted to learn it.

2. I used to do Ballet as a child then decided to give it up at eight or nine years old. I started when I was five and have certificates and newspaper clippings of my dance class and I really wish I had carried on with it!

3. I am frightened (and I mean REALLY frightened) of Dogs! It doesn't matter on the size, they all scare me so much that I freeze and almost want to be sick!
  • Then post a picture I Lurve - CheckThis is one of my favourite pictures at the moment, I love the look on Emily's face and how loving Adam is.

  • Then finally nominate 5 lovelies for Cherry on top award - Check
Now a few of these lovely ladies have already received this award, but I wanted to nominate them anyway as they always leave me such lovely comments.
And another big Thank you to Jen, you always leave such lovely comments too.
Night all


scrappyjacky said...

Thank you,Rachel...and that is a gorgeous photo.

Sian said...

Rachel - thank you so much. You've made my day!

I really loved your facts: learning sign language is a great thing to do, you never know when you might be able to help someone out with it.

Amy said...

Rachel, if you stop by my blog today scroll down very quickly ok? Just a heads up on the dog thing!

They are the cutest little pair now .... he won't be so loving once she starts taking his toys though ;-)

debs14 said...

Thank you!
What a lovely picture of big brother giving his little sister a kiss. The look on her face is superb!
Never too late to pick up on those ballet lessons! I started tap dancing when I was 35 :-o

humel said...

Thanks Rachel, that's made me smile widely :-)

I'm really interested in sign language too - I can finger spell but I'd love to learn properly. Every time I look into it I realise that I can't afford it financially or time-wise just then :-( My Dad has hearing problems so he's becoming quite proficient, but he doesn't live quite close enough to teach me.... (My interest is coincidental but quite useful!)

And oh, I can see why you love that photo :-)