August 28, 2010

2 Already!

In a couple of weeks Adam will be two! I don't know where the time has gone!
So I have been busy organising a couple of things, Firstly I have finished making the Mickey Mouse Invitations.................

Adam is mad on Mickey Mouse so I have decided to go with that for a theme!
As children get thoroughly spoilt by everyone on Birthday's and Christmases, I have decided to make one of his presents and then we will buy him clothes and probably put money into his bank account.
Wanna see what I've made?
It's not knitted!
Adam LOVES tags and Labels! When he is sleepy and every night when he goes to bed, he has to hold the label on his blanket. He insists on bringing his big blanket downstairs every morning and will carry it around for ages (falling over it numerous times along the way!). So I have made him a label blanket.....A smaller blanket for him to snuggle with and it is loaded with tons of labels!!!!

Now I haven't used a sewing machine since I left school, I have a small craft one which I used for scrapbooking but it runs on batteries so really it is no comparison! I borrowed my mum's sewing machine to make this and it all came flooding back quite quickly. I literally finished it
20 minutes ago! The back of it is fleece and very snuggly!
Hopefully he will love it!


jennifer said...

Great invitations, and I'm sure he'll love the blanket, it looks very snuggly! x

scrappyjacky said...

What a great idea....he's going to love the tag blanket.

Lizzie said...

Adam is such a lucky baby! He has a mum who truly cares about what matters to him! I'm sure he will love that present (but will be interested to see if the big blanket is ousted completely, in favour of the new! Still, if he leaves the big one in his bed, the little one owuld be good for downstairs). I love that blanket - it is fabulous! I'm sure Adam will love it even more. Well done, Rachel!
My little baby niece will be 2 in September. There's a new baby brother or sister on the way too... how time has flown!

Sian said...

Really clever idea - like Lizzie says, the thought behind this means he will remember it forever.

humel said...

Oh, that's just fabulous :-) You can buy things a bit like this - but yours is so much better xx

(The Boy had a Bob the Builder cap he used to wear all the time at about the same age - he'd just never take it off! But what he liked best was holding onto the label that stuck out from inside the cap - aren't they funny?!)