July 17, 2010

This and that!

I have managed to complete May's document 2010, really must get on and do June next!
As usual here is the 'month' page and I went with a mellow colour scheme for this, which I am loving!
My two pages for the bits and bobs of May - including Emily arriving!

This is the first proper Brother and Sister photo we took and I love it! Adam looks so happy and proud to be cuddling Emily - he is still like that at the moment. I wonder how long it will last!

I managed to scrap this layout using a sketch from prompt 4 of Love your pics, Love your pages. I love the concentration on Adam's face while he is eating his sarnie, he was staring at a group of teenage lads playing football in the park and desperately wanted to join in!
I really am loving my pics this month! I have just printed out a selection to scrap and I love all of them!!


Rachel said...

Great layouts. My baby is 10 months but the big brother adotation is still there most of the time.

humel said...

The Boy (age 10) is a bit less enamoured of The Girl (age 8) now... But he doted on her for ages and they're still very close despite their differences. I think it can often work better to have an older brother and younger sister though I'm sure there are exceptions either way! xx