July 10, 2010

Summer DIY

Looking back now I can't believe the front garden ever looked like that and I can't believe we actually let it get like that!

It has been a long over-due project for the last couple of years and it gradually got worse as we were not looking after it. But after Emily was born we decided to sort it out as we needed a safe place to put the car where two little ones can get out ok with the parents panicking that they are going to run in the road!

So here is the progress from mid-May to mid-June, we still have to finish painting the wall as you can see in the pics. Steve has been working mostly days lately and hasn't really had the time to do it and I have been too busy looking after little ones!

You must be getting bored of collages by now, sorry! They have been handy though for displaying lots of piccys. The novelty will wear off soon I promise!


JO SOWERBY said...

it's always g8 to finish a large project isnt it, and your front garden looks g8
Jo xxxx

Sian said...

Wow, that's quite a big project! The collage is a great way to show the different stages, so a good choice to make another one :)

humel said...

The collage is perfect for showing off these pics :-) Congrats on getting that big project done! xx

Rachel said...

Wow, what a transformation, you must be so pleased with the result.

Lizzie said...

OOoh, that looks really great, Rachel! How hard you have both worked to make it so nice!
I like the collage format - you're right that it's a great way to display lots of photos together.

Amy said...

What a difference! You must be so pleased with how it looks and the kids will love that grass to play on ... the collages are great!