July 17, 2010

Some more pages

Before I go to bed I just wanted to share a couple more bits, Prompt 5 & 6 from LYP,LYP:

This page was created using a sketch from prompt 5, I used to be mad about the colour pink and when I still lived with my parents I decorated my room bright pink! It was so bright that when I moved out my dad insisted it was re-painted as it gave him a headache!!! I really don't think he felt right sitting in a cerise pink office!
My love of the colour came with me, but in small doses! I had outgrown the bright walls! Now?...........
........Well you know me by now! It's Red all the way baby!
I had a play with the digi titles that Shimelle gave us in Prompt 6 to create this:

I don't know whether to scrap it or not! What do you think? Did anyone out there actually scrap this prompt after adding a title? Answers on a postcard please!


scrappyjacky said...

I love that first page....just gorgeous...and this from someone who doesn't usually like white space!!!!

Gemma* said...

love the layout - white space rocks! :)

Cheryl said...

What an amazing LO Rachel and I love pink. x

humel said...

Gorgeous, Rachel :-) I haven't scrapped my photo from this prompt but I may well do, and I shall definitely remember the technique for future layouts too. I think this photo would look great on a very simple layout so all the attention is drawn to the pic xx