July 13, 2010


I am quite surprised that I haven't shared one of my passions yet!!!

I own a shocking almost 200 pairs!! I haven't counted in a while!
I just can't get enough of them, My favs are high heels, especially this pair at the front:

They are black with white polka dots and I call them my Minnie Mouse shoes just because they are spotty. This shoe-shot was taken for Shimelle's new class, I was playing with depth and thought what better way to show you my fav shoes!

After my shoe photo session, I was playing with Adam (or rather he was jumping on me!) and I managed to get another photo that shows depth:

For today's task we had to shoot some lovely weather pictures.........
........in comes the rain!!!
However I am quite pleased with my raindrops and grey skies, what do you think? My neighbours must think I am mad photographing the washing line!

It may have been greyer than a pencil today but over the weekend I did manage to get some sunshine pictures when we were away, Shimelle must have known! I love how fluffy the clouds look.



humel said...

Those are gorgeous shoes :-) Great shots altogether! And good for you, taking photos of your washing line. You'll be lying on the pavement before you know it ;-)

Lizzie said...

Oooh... I covet those white Mary-Janes! Great shoe shot, Rachel.
I like the rainy day shots - very ingenious. Maybe the tree could have been more blurred out in the washing-line shot, but I do love how you captured the shine of the raindrops all along the line.
Great blue sky shots too.

Lizzie said...
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Lizzie said...
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Lizzie said...

Sorry, problems with the "Comment" button... 2 duplicates deleted!

debs14 said...

Ahhhhh shoes ..... you can never have too many!
Raindrops on washing lines? Anyone would think you were competing with Mel!

JO SOWERBY said...

never could understand the shoe thing myself but my lil sis does!!! i have a book thing myself so should try them for depth of field. love the pic of adam, he's too cute.
skies here are also grim looking and rain today, loving the washing line
Jo xxx

Sian said...

I would love to be a shoe person but my feet are too little, lots of size 3's are too big for me. So I like handbags instead. That's a great shoe photo!