July 27, 2010

One, Two, Four!

Adam is growing up too fast and is at an adorable age (22 months) where he is learning everyday and he says and does the sweetest/funniest things.
He has started to count, every time we walk down/up the stairs or if I give him an orange etc I will count the number of steps/orange segments and over a period of time this has registered and now Adam will count with me.....


Only he seems to not like the number three! When we count it is always 1,2,4! I will say 'no, three!' and the response is always the same...... 4! He knows that 4 comes after 3, he just doesn't like saying 3!
We have had a busy day today, Adam, Emily and myself went to Lunch club at the local children's centre but they are holding lunch club outside at the moment as the weather is warmer (only we were rained on today!). Adam really enjoyed himself after the initial shock of everyone sitting on blankets with food!
I managed to snap him but didn't realise his mouth was still full until mid-picture!

When it comes to taking photos I mainly photograph people/things indoors and as I mentioned in yesterday's post - they are mainly of Adam and Emily. So for today I branched out a little, with the photo of Adam with his picnic and this little photo-shoot with one of the little one's teddies. I tried to remember some of the previous prompts and played around with the settings and angles. The pictures have a slight blue glow to them as they were taken early evening but I quite like the effect it has had on the bear!

Finally we have a series of photos, I liked the idea of telling a story through the pictures and will be looking for more ideas for this prompt! I have been meaning to blog about my album progress for a while so this was the perfect opportunity! I have recently brought a new unit for my craft room, I was inspired by Sharyn to have a sort-out after she posted about re-organising her craft room and I fell in love with the ikea unit she had and just HAD to get one! So after a long sorting out process I have finally finished organising albums and supplies (will post pictures of craft room later).

The idea for organising my scrapbook albums came from Laura after reading a post on her blog, I already had a couple of American craft D-ring albums and had been looking for a way to label them for a while and Laura's looked so neat so I just had to copy that idea!

Blimey! Sorry if I have rambled, I had a lot to share today!


humel said...

Such a cute pic of Adam, even with his mouth full :-)

And well done for getting your albums so organised, they looks *amazing!* xx

jennifer said...

My daughter went through a long phase of leaving out the number 7, but it dropped back in eventually! Very cute snap of him with his mouth full! x

debs14 said...

Am now very ashamed of the ramshackle way my albums are stored and the mix of shapes and sizes all crammed in together! Must be more tidy.
Love the story about numbers, my daughter used to stumble with eleven, it was always 'onety one'

Sian said...

Your craft room is looking fantastic! I love all the photos you've been posting too..poor Emily, I hope her colic improves with the massage and she feels up to doing a lot more posing for pictures :)