July 05, 2010

Love your pictures, Love your pages

Our first challenge for Shimelle's 'Love your pictures, Love your pages' online class was to post a picture that made you smile, I love this picture of Steve, Steve's dad and Adam wandering into the woods to explore. It shows the three generations in order and has a lovely background!

The second challenge was to grab your camera and take a picture in the next five minutes! I chose to photograph the flowers that are in my craft room. I have a turquoise polka-dot vase which holds cerise pink flowers and I love this blast of colour against the white wall.

Can't wait to see what we will do with these photos at the end of the class!!!


humel said...

That pop of colour is truly gorgeous, and I love the 'generational' shot too :-) Just caught up on all your lovely posts, I feel like I've been out of the loop for ages!! xx

Cheryl said...

amazing photo of the flower the colours just pop x