July 01, 2010

iPhone update

I love my iPhone and I got pretty excited when I saw the iPhone 4.0 on YouTube.

It has a 5.0 megapixel camera and has a front facing camera for video calling. I also love all the little extras that it can do, for example; folders for your apps and now you can have a background picture.

Well, when I plugged my phone into the computer last night it updated the software and I now have all those things I love about the iPhone 4! How cool is that?

I would still like an iPhone 4.0 eventually though, I do miss having a better camera on my phone!

On another note my new scrapbook albums arrived today so I will probably be spending as much time as I can over the weekend sorting them out. Then I will finally be able to post pictures of my new & improved craft room clear out!

- Posted using my iPhone, isn't technology great?

1 comment:

Sian said...

I need to get the updates on my iphone..but I have to wait for one of the kids to do it for me because I'm rubbish at working the istore! I should really do that today, thanks :)