July 07, 2010

Creating a photo collage

I am hooked on these collages, I love how they turn out.

I have made a little tutorial for anyone who wants to try them out: First you need to download the free software for Picasa 3, which you can get here. Once you have downloaded and installed it then open it, Picasa 3 will automatically detect all images on your PC/computer and create a library of them. From the library you will need to select the photos that you want to use to create your collage (don't worry if you change your mind, you can deselect photos later while you are editing your collage). You can select the images by clicking on them and holding down the shift key on your keyboard.

Once you have selected your photos, click on the collage button at the bottom of the screen.

This will take you to a different page, mine is already set up for mosaic, but you can change the look of your collage with a range of different options.

To set up the mosaic or to change between the options press the 'settings' tab to the left, there should then be a drop down menu at the top, once you have clicked on it you should see the following:

Select mosaic (or whichever you would prefer) and you will see the following settings (Please note this is for mosaic, other options settings will differ:

To create a white border in between your pictures, slide the grid spacing button across to vary the size of the border. You can also change the colour of the border here too. If you want to remove any pictures then simply click on the individual picture and press the 'remove ' button above the collage. You can also shuffle the pictures about and change the orientation from landscape to portrait.

Once you are happy with your collage then press the 'create collage' button and voila!!!

After you have created your collage you can either, print, blog or save etc using the icons at the bottom of the page (click export to save to your computer, it then puts them into 'my pictures' under the folder name 'Picasa').
Hope this helps!!


scrappyjacky said...

This is really helpful,thanks Rachel.

humel said...

I'm rather liking all the collages too :-)

Sian said...

This is perfect! Just exactly what I needed, thanks so much Rachel :)