July 26, 2010

Baby massage and colic!!!!

We have discovered that Emily has colic, the poor little girl started crying a lot in the evening and is having trouble with bringing up wind. We have been trying drops which seem to be working at the moment and it has eased off a bit but you can tell she is still uncomfortable - I am going to get some gripe water tomorrow!
This morning I went to my local children's centre for the baby massage, Emily really enjoyed it and looked so relaxed. It has helped tonight, instead of crying for a couple of hours it reduced to 30 mins and extra burps! So I will be doing that again!!!! I really enjoyed it too, it was nice to have an hour for just Emily and me to bond on our own.
I have lots of pics to share today!
My completed layout using a sketch from prompt 10 of LYP,LYP:
Another layout using a sketch from prompt 11:

Prompt 12 was a tutorial on how to add texture to a photo. I had lots of favourites and couldn't choose so it was collage time again!
I particularly love this cute little pic of Emily:

I tend to photograph Adam and Emily the most and there are a few random day pics thrown in there too for my 365 project. I had a mini photo-shoot with Emily as she is more patient with me than Adam at the moment! Adam will run away after two photos and ignore me!!!!

I like the colours of the dress against the teddy bear rug behind Emily - another pic to add to the to-be-scrap(book)ed pile!


Sally said...

lovely lo's anmd GORGOEUS pics hun xx

you will probably get loads of hints and tips re colic, but i found that the only thing that worked for us ( it might work fo ryou) was Colief, its £10 from boots it is available on prescription too, it saved our lives.... you put it in the bottle... but if you are breast feeding then you have to give it on a spoon. Its worth a look, we also changed Bella's ,milk to comfort milk ( for colicky babies) and changed to anti colic bottles, hope something works for you, just thought i would share as when my bella had it i was grateful of any advice

happy scrapping xxxxx

humel said...

Poor Emily, colic is miserable :-( The Boy suffered quite badly from it too. Infacol worked best for us but you may end up having to try a couple of different things to find what suits her. Baby massage sounds lovely and if it helps the colic too that's fantastic! xx