July 09, 2010

365 - June 2010

I told you I was hooked on these collages!
As we are in July now I thought I would share some of June!
1st - Little and large nappies, they actually do not look that different in the picture but there was quite a bit of difference!
2nd - I indulged in a KitKat Chunky before I started my diet!
3rd - Adam and myself messing around with the camera!
4th - Our 5th wedding Anniversary.
5th - Adam's cot turned into a bed.

6th - I did some repair work on various clothes that I had been putting into a pile!
7th - Pimms o' clock!
8th - The grass was put down in the front garden.
9th - Adam did some drawing at his desk in the front room.
10th - I washed Steve's England shirts in preparation for the matches.


scrappyjacky said...

Another great collage,Rachel.

Cheryl said...

what lovely pictures Rachel, collage is a great idea x

Sian said...

Turning the cot into a bed is always a big moment :) Happy Anniversary

humel said...

Great use of collage! :-) And great snippets of life - belated anniversary wishes xx