June 29, 2010

What this means......

I feel like I have completely lost my scrapping mojo at the moment but I am enjoying the non-scrapbooking related posts.

Over the weekend Shimelle challenged everyone to find a photo that you haven't blogged about/scrapped before and do something with it. Well better late than never! I love this picture of Adam and how happy he is even though he is playing in the mud! It reminds me that he is a proper little boy and loves getting dirty - although sometimes he quickly runs to the sink to wash his hands! I still haven't worked that one out!

This is the front garden in the mid re-vamp stages (will blog about that later), Adam decided that he would sit and play in the mud and after this picture was taken he was literally in the mud - that took a lot of cleaning!

On a another note, I am very excited and cannot contain it any longer! I am really bad when it comes to surprises, not for me but for others. I will find someone the perfect present and I get so excited about them opening it that I have to fight the urge to tell them what it is before they open it!

On Friday I ordered a iPad for Steve, He doesn't read my blog so no chance of him finding out, He has wanted one ever since he heard of their existence. The trouble is that delivery is 7-10 working days!!!! I am finding it hard keeping quiet already, how am I going to last another 6-9 days!!! I am so tempted to tell him, especially when I catch him looking at them but I must resist the urge.
Will keep you updated with how that goes!


scrappyjacky said...

A gorgeous photo....to be scrapped some day!!

humel said...

lol! I'm rubbish at keeping that kind of secret, too :-)

Cute photo, bless him xx

Lizzie said...

Oh, good luck with the secret. Hope he doesn't do what my DH did once and go out & buy the item he wanted, just after I'd ordered one! He's dreadful like that - it was just before his birthday too - grrr!