June 16, 2010

April 365 update!!!

I decided that I don't get a move on I will still be haring April's pictures in August!!! So I have made some photo collages to complete April's 365.

Brief descriptions:

21st - My pregnancy countdown app!
22nd - Back online after our router broke down!
23rd - I planted some chilli's praying they would grow ok!
25th - My herb garden was tended to, I actually did some weeding!
24th - Adam playing in the garden with bubbles
26th - Adam in Steve's kit car
27th - Mmmm, ice-cream sundaes!
28th - We had no electric all day while the electric company re-did the power cables!
29th - I made a sausage plait, yum!
30th - I finished my coffee cup scrapbook, which I still haven't posted but it will be on here very soon.
Well I know they are not very detailed explanations but I feel so much better now for completing April!


Sian said...

The coffee cup album looks really good: I'd love to see more :)

Heather said...

Well done Rachel! I'm looking forward to seeing your mini-book too xx

humel said...

Great overview of all the different aspects for your month! xx