June 28, 2010

Another NEW for me!

After catching up on the blogs I follow, this morning I decided to give Scrap/picture your day a go! It was reading Mel's blog that inspired me to try it. Traditionally it is done on the 25th of the month - but hey ho here goes!

The morning skincare routine and the morning cuppa!!

Sorting out the kiddies, No breakfast pics for Adam as Steve had already given him brekkie before I got the camera out! Emily's milk and clothes for the day and Adam's juice to take out.

Adam dressed and ready to go - but he decided that I wasn't aloud to take pictures!! On a Monday morning I take Adam to toddler group, Emily tags along now too! As there are lots of other little boys and girls there it is difficult to take pictures, now the world has gone a bit P.C!! So instead a picture of our gate after we left!

I needed credit on my phone, Then we re-filled the pool for Adam (he decided to help!) and smothered him in suncream....

After a session in the pool Adam decided that it was tiring work and crashed out on the living room floor just as I was about to change Emily's nappy.
Emily had a nice liquid lunch! Then snuggled down for a nap, with both kiddies asleep I went outside to soak up some rays for 30 mins!!!

Adam woke up ready for lunch and had a big bowl of spag boll, then the Tesco shop arrived at the front door - thank goodness for online shopping!

I managed to squeeze in some Bovril on toast - Yummers! Then Emily required her afternoon feed, followed by more nappy changes for the pair of them. It was too hot to go back outside, so we snuggled then had playtime with Big Brother on in the background (yes I admit I am SAD!) Emily was getting low on bottles so we sterilised them (referring to Adam and I - Steve went to work a long time ago!)

Time for another coffee, this time it was an Iced Cappuccino. As a special treat Adam was allowed pizza for dinner then it was Emily's turn again! Boy can my kids eat!

It was all too much for Emily who promptly went back to sleep after a round of nappy changes, little and big! Adam followed shortly and with both in bed it was my turn to feast (and man was I hungry by then)! It looks a lot, but it was all grilled and only 5.5points if you follow WeightWatchers! After dinner I watered the plants as they were now safe from the scorching sun.

The washing up beckoned, the living room free from toys, all that was calling me now was a WeightWatchers eclair (1.5points!) and the peace and quiet of my craft room!

Well, Now I have made myself tired just by re-living the day! Steve should be home from work in the next 10 minutes just as I finish blogging!! So Night everyone - see you soon!


jennifer said...

It's cool to see what you get up to in a day! It's amazing how much you've managed to fit in when you look back at it isn't it? I like the photo of Adam eating lunch - he really looks like he's enjoying it!

scrappyjacky said...

A busy old day....brings back memories of when mine were little!!!

Sian said...

I'm with jacky..brings back memories of that "now, what?" feeling when everyone wants a bit of you all day. Happy days, though, so it's nice to see what you get up to in a day.

humel said...

I'm so pleased you did this, it's a fascinating glimpse of what your day involves - and just think, it won't be long till you're past the stage of bottles and double nappy changes, this really captures 'now'!

Lizzie said...

Wow, what a busy time you had! It's great that you are going out still, not hiding at home because you have Emily.
Adam's so cute and Emily is getting so big already!
Amazing what gets fitted into a day when there are little people to care for. Your sitting room was amazingly tidy!