May 11, 2010

What's in my make-up bag????????

Whilst on my blog travels, I have noticed that a few people have posted about what is in their handbag. I decided that on the 15th April, I would photograph what is inside my make-up bag!!!!!!

I will do the handbag one another day, but in the meantime feel free to nosey around the contents of this:

Concealer, brushes, eye liner and make-up sponges:

Eyeshadow (love the little reflection of my craft room in the mirror!) and foundation:

Mascara, tinted moisturiser, pencil sharpener and foundation base:

Bronzer and a different type of base with added moisturiser:

I do not wear all of this on a daily basis - In amongst all of that is a day look, evening look and going out look! This is the fav pieces make-up bag, I wont dare try to photograph the bag full that I have for applying professional make-up!!!! That would be one LOOONNNNGGGG post!

Night Blogland!


Lizzie said...

So interesting to see what someone else's make-up bag contains... mine is a bit sparse these days, as my skin has become so sensitive and if I wear eye make-up now, my eyes stream all day long...
Funny that you also have a "favourite" bag and another stash of make-up elsewhere (though some is for your job?).
Love all those sparkly eyeshadows...

JO SOWERBY said...

ooh i love olays moisturiser with foundation.......g8 cover and light and fresh. i have loads of makeup from my days as bodyshop consultant which i should probably have thrown. useful fact........change ur mascara every 4-6 months otherwise there is enough bacteria on the brush to kill a rat.....yucky!!!
Jo xxxx
ps talk on my blog is about bras would u believe!!!

Amy said...

Rachel you would die if you saw my make-up bag .... there is very little inside! I do have a thing for lip gloss though - my only redeeming feature as far as cosmetics are concerned ;-)

Good luck for the c-section .... will cross all fingers and toes for you, it's pretty exciting!

humel said...

lol! My make-up bag is almost empty too... Like Lizzie, I have very sensitive skin. Looking forward to your handbag post when you get to it :-)