May 06, 2010

Parsley, craft rooms and the weather!

It has been quite a nice day today, although it has turned a little chilli now!

I had a really bad headache last night and didn't manage to blog, Plus I got home late as I had my last session of my eve course (managed to squeeze that in just in time!).

*365 update*
I am not really much of a cook and have been known to burn beans! I have been slowly learning and attempting more and more dishes as I want to take on the stay-at-home mum role properly (Steve usually does the cooking), on the 13th April I made my first Risotto. It was leek and mushroom and very yummy. This is my fresh parsley!

Inspired by Reading other peoples blogs, I decided to spring clean my craft room. I am still in the process of sorting it out, but have stopped as I now need to assemble furniture and lift heavy things and as you know I have 1 week left in my pregnancy, so that is not a good idea!

This piccy was taken on the 12th April, 'mid-mess'.

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humel said...

The risotto sounds yummy :-) And I love the look of your craft space! xx

Lizzie said...

Yuummm-num-nummmm... I love Risotto! Leek & mushroom sounds lovely... have you tried it with chicken yet? You can use chicken stock as some or all of the liquid - it's so yummy! The parsley looks lovely and fresh in that photo - mmmm..

The photo of the messy craft room "mid-tidy" made me smile.. mine looks like this most of the time, whether I'm "tidying" or not!
I did sort out some of my patterned papers last night though...

1 Week to go! Take care of yourself - you're right, it's not a good time for moving furniture!

debs14 said...

That craft room looks fine as it is! I find it impossible to be creative and tidy both at the same time!