May 04, 2010

Music in the kitchen

I love listening to music, on the 11th Steve, Adam and myself had a musical 30 mins while cooking dinner. Adam gets very excited and dances very cutely like little ones do. Mummy and Daddy joined in with him and danced around the kitchen until he was in fits of laughter!

The 10th April was Haircut day!

Adam didn't have his cut this time as it was still neat and tidy from the last one. He watched Daddy have his cut and then tried to sweep up the hair after!

- Posted using my iPhone, isn't technology great?


Lizzie said...

Ah, little dancing children are so cute! I remember J in WHSmiths', dancing to the cds they were playing. He always used to dance, whenever music was on. We took him to a friend's party when he was very little and not even standing up yet. He wouldn't go to sleep - he just sat and boogied all evening!

humel said...

I love dancing round the kitchen!! I often dance like a little child myself.... ;-)