May 03, 2010

A moment of reflection

A few days ago I posted this picture of my pregnant belly with Adam, It was taken in the earlier stages of my pregnancy and I just adore the picture.

I thought it was about time I got some pics of my pregnant belly now with Baby No2, this version is taken right near the end of the pregnancy and I think it's nice to have that contrast. Even though it is a face-on (or belly-on!) shot, you can still see that my pregnant belly is quite big!

Another photo that I adored from when Adam was born was this one:
His little tiny hands look so cute and he used to (and still does) take comfort in holding my hand or one of my fingers when he is tired.

Today, like any other day, he did the same thing......But this time I had the camera ready! The shots are a little fuzzy as they were taken with my iPhone, But this was one of the piccy's I managed to snap:

Look how big his hands are getting! They are still small hands but if you compare it to the previous photo taken 19 months ago - they are big!
Don't you just wish they could stay tiny forever?
Oops! Pregnancy Hormones kicking in now, where are the tissues??????????


humel said...

Aww, hun xx Beautiful pics, really moving :-) Each age brings its own special moments though! xx

Heather said...

gorgeous photos & tiny hands - wish I remembered to photo my boys hands at those ages!!

Sian said...

Just lovely! (And I'm admiring your beautifully manicured nails as well as his gorgeous little hands!)

debs14 said...

So cute!
I'm guessing your baby is due about the same time as my nieces. She looks fit to pop anytime now!
Hope everything goes well, and keep enjoying this special time with Adam before he has to share you with his new brother or sister!