May 08, 2010

Little Town's & arriving babies!

I love going to little town's and finding those cute little shops with hidden treasures in them. We have a few of those near to us, the particular one I visited today I have neglected for a while-I can't even remember the last time I went there!

I went into a folksy, cute, nic-nac shop and brought these little cuties:

I was surprised to see spools of ribbon in this particular shop and couldn't resist buying a few! They are adorable aren't they?

I also brought this cute little gem to use on a future scrapbook page:

To show how small and cute, I pictured it next to a gel pen:

Isn't it sweet?

Well I am on a daily countdown now until I go into hospital for my c-section, I can't believe how quick the months have gone! I am purposely busy this coming week to make it go a bit quicker-even though I should enjoy the lay-in's at the moment!

I have enjoyed being pregnant, but I am really uncomfortable now! It gets to that stage doesn't it?

Night everyone x

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humel said...

Gorgeous little finds, Rachel! :-) Enjoy this week as much as you can - I'm sure it'll fly by xx

Lizzie said...

Just a week to go! Exciting and nervy at the same time! Make the most of your week, Rachel - enjoy the rest and (relative) peace and quiet.
The ribbons are lovely. We like to go to Wells in Norfolk; there is a great little craft shop and also an art and gift shop. I found some lovely ticking ribbon/tape with a red stripe, also some great little foam letters, in bright colours... and the art/gift shop has lots of little bits & pieces like your tiny heart embellishment. We're going there in August... I can't wait!

Have a lovely week!

JO SOWERBY said...
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debs14 said...

Isn't it weird knowing exactly which day your baby is coming? I found it strange but kind of nice especially when you have another child, so nice to know all childcare is arranged and they can be secure and prepared. Sending you lots of good luck wishes!
My niece is due ANY DAY NOW! We have a big family lunch today for my sister's 60th and we've been hoping my niece wouldn't go into labour early. She's a the 'this is uncomfortable, I want it over soon' stage too!

scrappyjacky said...

Some lovely little treasures....I just love quirky little shops. Enjoy your week.