April 09, 2010

Yummy thickers!

I am scheduling my posts again, this week is still a busy week!

On the 24th of March, I received my yummy thickers that I had ordered. I love these and have decided to just collect them all in every colour! These are two new additions that I couldn't resist (amongst other stuff of course!)

Must be having a 'treat me' month! opps! I brought this lovely stand that holds my Dolce Gusto pods! I love my Dolce Gusto machine and can't wait to love coffee again after I have had the baby. Hopefully my love of coffee returns otherwise it's hot chocolate pods from now on!


scrappyjacky said...

Very envious of all your Thickers!!

debs14 said...

You can never have enough alphabet stickers ;-) and we've used up so many of our old ones in the Shimelle class that we NEED to replace them!!!

humel said...

Mmmmm, Thickers.... Mmmmmm, coffee - and hot chocolate..... x

The Scrappy Tree said...

Thickers! Love them! Sssh, you can get them cheaper if you ship them in from the States, there are some great bargain sites!