April 07, 2010

The wonders of 'scheduled' posting

I thought I would take a leaf out of Mel's book and do some 'scheduled' posting as I know I'm not going to be able to have access to my blog long enough to do it.

On the 20th March, I had a boring 'housework day and didn't have time to fit in much else! I'm trying not to feature housework too much in my 365 as I hate it! But I really didn't have anything else to photograph that day - How sad!

On the 19th, Adam sat at the table like a big boy for snack time, he really didn't want to be in the highchair!

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humel said...

Hi Rachel - what a nice surprise, I drop by for a good catch up with your blog and find my name mentioned! :-) It's been lovely to see your layouts, Project 365 photos and your gorgeously lovely When I Grow Up book, I've thoroughly enjoyed my catch up xx