April 11, 2010

We are back!

I haven't scheduled this post! It has been very handy though while we have been away and now I have caught up with my blog-hopping!

We went away for a long weekend to Norfolk, it was lovely to go away and unwind - especially as I have finished work and I am now on maternity leave.

We felt completely relaxed and Adam thoroughly enjoyed running around in the sunshine and fresh air and slept very well in the evenings!

It was lovely to sit out in the afternoon into the evening and on the first day we just chilled outside as it the weather was gorgeous!

Adam likes looking out of the window and was watching Steve put away the sun loungers, he kept knocking and grinning at him.

I love this piccy, he is eating his egg and soldiers so delicately!

The second day we went to Bury St Edmund's, there is a hidden garden area at the bottom of the town and we went and ate our sandwiches there in the sunshine.

We were not far from one of my fav crafty shops! So of course I had to stop and do a spot of shopping! I get so excited as we don't have anything like this local to where I live. I spent some vouchers that I had (and of course a bit more!).
The following day we were travelling home, so we chilled in the morning before heading off on our long drive.


humel said...

Hooray for maternity leave!! Enjoy :-)

Such cute pics of Adam :-)

Ooh, Capture the Magic - I've shopped (online) from there so many times - jealous that you got to visit in person! What did you buy?

Lizzie said...

Maternity leave... enjoy your rest!
Glad you had a lovely time in Norfolk. I'm a little jealous that you got to go shopping...
Adam is lovely - he has such a sweet smile.

debs14 said...

Norfolk is such a lovely place to visit (and not too far from me!) Enjoy your maternity leave, you have a busy time ahead and it will be lovely to spend precious time with Adam before he has to share you with his new baby brother/sister! Love that picture of him dipping his soldiers into his dippy egg, how refined he looks with that little finger sticking out! So cute.

Sian said...

You enjoy that maternity leave..it is a special time :) It's nice to see "Capture the Magic" irl because I've ordered from them many times.