April 27, 2010

Scrapbooking: 12 x 6?

I love experimenting with different sized albums for projects and have tried quite a few different sizes. I made a 12 x 6 calendar this year and I loved the look of it. I want to make a 12 x 6 mini album but can't seem to find any chipboard covers in that size.

Have you tried scrapbooking 12 x 6 layouts? How do you make them into a mini album or do you use full albums everytime?

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melissa said...

I like working with the 12 X 6 layouts, I feel like they give you a lot of diversity, but also encourage you to keep it simple.

Have you tried binding at all?

scrappyjacky said...

I enjoy using different sizes as well....my favourite at the moment is 11 x 8.5.
You could cut a 12 x 12 piece of chipboard in half and make your own covers.

Sian said...

I love this size and have done quite a few LO's with it..enough to make me go out and buy the album you showed to put them in. It's a thrifty way to scrap because you can get 2 lo's from 1 sheet of Bazzill.

Lizzie said...

As Jacky said, you could make your own scrapbook covers from 12" x 12" chipboard sheet cut in half. Bubbly Funk stock these and sell them singly for 75p. http://www.bubblyfunk.co.uk/binders-chip-sheets-c-195_293.html

If you cut a chipboard sheet in half and used an eyelet punch to make holes, you could bind it together with book rings, which
would let you open it flat. They usually have those at Bubbly Funk too, or else you can buy them in Staples or other stationers, or in craft shops.

If the chipboard wasn't thick enough you could stick two half-sheets together with pva and put them under a weight for an hour or so, to dry. Suggest you cut the sheets and punch holes first though, so you only have to go through one layer!

If you wanted to make several albums, you could look in the local art or craft shop, for large sheets of grey-board. I get it from my local art shop for about £3 per large sheet (price varies with thickness and whether it's grey or white). Also some mount board is nice and thick and shops that do framing often sell off-cuts cheaply - coloured covers!

Lizzie said...

Rachel, if you can't cope with the above, I'll happily make up a couple of 6"x12" cover sets for you, with book ring binding, for whatever it costs to buy the stuff and post it to you (not a lot I think).
I have the equipment and it won't take me long. I know you're busy looking forward to the baby right now...

humel said...

I keep meaning to try this size but haven't yet! When I do, I think I'll see how I get on with it before making any firm decisions, but I have a couple of ideas: stitch 12x12 page protectors to create two 12x6 pockets and have two layouts next to each other; try to find 12x6 page protectors where the holes are placed in such a way that they can go into a 12x12 album and just mix up the sizes of page within one of my ordinary albums; or make my own covers, possibly as described above! Let us know what you decide to do, we'll be interested :-)

Rachel B said...

Wow ladies, thank you for all your comments. I think I will have to try some of these ideas! Thanks for the link Lizzie, I will go and have a look ( I think I will try this for mini albums) and mixed pages sounds interesting Mel, I think American crafts do different sized page protectors for their d-ring albums with the holes at the side in the same place.

Oh dear, I need to go shopping again! Lol x