April 05, 2010

More pages!

I have been a busy bee, Adam stayed at his grandma & grandad's for a night over the weekend and it gave me chance to catch up on some scrapbooking as Steve was working. It felt quite strange scrapbooking until late and then carrying on in the morning (as Steve was still working! He went to work while I was crafting and came home to me doing the same thing!), I haven't done that since before Adam was born!

Anyhoo - Onto more pages from the celebrate life album!

*The buttons page*
I wanted to use the colour theme to match the ball pit! I decided to use a couple of buttons from each colour that I had put onto the layout.

*The chipboard page*
I loved using up some old chipboard stash, the speech marks are from one of the early issues of papercraft or scrapbook inspirations (I forget which!). I have had them in the stash for so long that I didn't think I would ever use them! I covered them with Patterned paper snd then sanded the edges. I used this technique for some of the letters too, apart from the 'C' & 'E' which are chipboard stickers.

Hope everyone is having a great Easter Monday x

1 comment:

Lizzie said...

Would've been Papercraft Inspirations - I don't think S.I. ever did freebies on the cover, like other magazines... I have wondered whether that was a reason their readership declined - if you had to choose between a mag with a freebie and one without (and you weren't a dedicated SI fan of course), wouldn't you go for the freebies?

Anyway, they are lovely and colourful pages. I especially love the buttons one - the shaped buttons, fitted in with the round ones, are just fab; and I love the picture with Adam's cute little smiley face!