April 28, 2010

Days 93 & 94 of 365

We haven't had any electric today, we knew it was going to happen - the electric company sent a letter to say that we would without it for the day due to maintenance on the electrical wires. We had to stay in all day as well because they needed access to the meter to turn it on/off etc. So that was weird! All of a sudden EVERYTHING you need to do requires electric! We have an electric oven - so I couldn't bake a cake, I couldn't put the dishwasher on/wash/iron/hoover, I couldn't make a hot drink, SURF THE NET! etc etc lol - honestly I am really not that addicted to the Internet ; )

Moving swiftly on!

On April 4th it was Easter Sunday, Our day was quite quiet and Steve had to work - so it was just Adam and myself. This is one of Adam's eggs:

On the 3rd April we did the traditional egg rolling for Easter, which I posted about here:
Night blogland x


Lizzie said...

Yay, Pepper Pig! Love Pepper Pig...
And I also love the look of concentration and excitement on Adam's dear little face as he stands ready to roll his egg downstairs. A real sweetie!

humel said...

No internet?!?! I couldn't cope!! Glad you're back online now :-)

Looks like Adam had a fab Easter! xx

debs14 said...

A whole day with no electicity - that must have been tough! I love that picture of Adam at Easter, such a little sweetie!