April 29, 2010

2 weeks left!

I am quite shattered today, I only have two weeks left in my pregnancy and I am at the point where you are always tired, your belly is enormous and it kinda hurts everywhere! So I am going to make this a short one today.

This pic was taken when I was pregnant with Adam and I love it, Must take one for this pregnancy too.
On the 6th April I had a relaxing bath with lovely bubbles etc, I don't get to have them a lot anymore. It tends to be a quick shower as most of you will know!

On the 5th April I made a lovely Cadbury's chocolate cake - it was delicious!

Well I'm off to bed now as I am exhausted! See you soon x


humel said...

Gosh, the last few weeks seem to have gone fast - though it probably doesn't seem that way to you! Not long to go now, look after yourself, rest as much as you can xx

PS That cake looks YUM!!

Sian said...

Take that picture quick, before it's too late!