March 20, 2010

More 365

What a gross day again! It hasn't really stopped raining!

Thought I would do a 365 update:

We received a beautiful wedding invitation in the post from one of my friends, she made it herself and as you can guess the theme is butterflies/ivory/gold. The wedding is in July, in fact we have two weddings in July - one the week after the other! How exciting!!!!!!

On the 8th March, the college took the students to London (Excel) to a beauty show. It is always so exciting as there is so much to see (and buy!) I was quite good this time - with regards to spending, but became inspired all over again to get the brushes out and be creative. The students definitely enjoyed themselves and brought lots as usual!


humel said...

Lovely snippets :-) Great idea to photograph the invitation - must make a mental note of that! x

Lizzie said...

Pretty invitation. Two weddings, a week apart - you'll be tired out! I remember we had 3 wedding invitations for the same month a couple of years back. The real trouble was, they were all for the same day, in different parts of the country! We had such a problem deciding which we should accept and which to politely refuse!

The show sounds as if it was fun (I think I remember you blogging about it recently?). Lots of inspiration for you in the next few months.