March 14, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

A big
'Happy Mother's Day'
to all the Mummies out there, including my lovely mummy. I hope you are all being thoroughly spoilt!!!!!!

I have been spoilt today, My lovely Hubby let me lay in this morning and when I woke up I had a card and flowers waiting for me. He is currently cooking a Roast dinner and has even done the ironing!

What a lucky Mummy I am!

Here is some more of my 365:

Day 64, the new baby's bedding arrived and I have dressed the little cot ready. This bedding matches Adam's - he has the neutral version of it and they look so cute side by side.

On day 63 I wanted creme eggs! I still haven't had any proper cravings during my pregnancy - I just have phases and this particular week it was the lovely creme egg!

I have made a start of my new class now and I will be posting it later, Bye for now!


humel said...

Happy Mothering Sunday to you too :-) Glad to hear you're having such a lovely day! x

Lizzie said...

Glad you had a lovely day. Hope "Daddy" had a word with Adam about being extra good!

Amy said...

Seriously? He did the ironing? FANTASTIC!
Hope you had a great day :-)