March 30, 2010

Days 72 & 73 of 365

I leave work next week to go on Maternity leave, but this week is my last teaching week. Today has been quite emotional as I have taught two of my groups for the last time. They finish their course in July and I have followed them from their first year. They brought me flowers and prezzies and I had some cards that nearly made me cry!

Tomorrow will be a similar day - one of the groups I have followed from the beginning and the other group I have only taught since November 09, but I will miss them all.

*365 update*

It was Mother's day on the 14th March and this is my lovely card from Adam:

On the 13th March I found this gorgeous gift bag for Mother's day and in true crafting style I brought an extra one to use on a project at some point!

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SarahLP said...

Aaah, I remember leaving work for maternity leave.. but I never went back, lol! Not too long to go then!
Love that bag you bought, looks like Paperchase? Yummy design!