March 07, 2010

Days 59 & 60 of 365

We had our first beautiful blue sky in months, so it just had to feature in the 365. It was a gorgeous sunny day and was quite warm too.

On the 28th Feb, I went to a baby shower. I had never been to one before and it was good fun - sadly I didn't get any photos, so I saved my unused napkin and took a photo when I got home.


humel said...

lol There's a blue sky pic in my 365 too, it'll be on my blog some time this week (I forget exactly when, I'm so far behind in posting them!)

Love the napkin shot, what a great way to document the event x

SarahLP said...

I'm loving the blue skies too! Still darn chilly though!! Love that napkin photo, a perfect reminder of the baby shower.

Amy said...

What a gorgeous sky - I am sure you are apreciating it!

Kirsty.a said...

Oh, your little boy is gorgeous!!
Did you manage to find a blinkie for Document 2010, and if so, where?