March 05, 2010

Days 57 & 58 of 365

On Day 57 I built the new cot for the baby No2, After building it I ordered bedding and a new mattress.

Adam knows where we keep the broom and quite regularly gets the broom out and sweeps (even if the floor doesn't need it) He has become quite good at it now, although still isn't aware that it is bigger than him so he needs to be careful about swinging it around!

I am getting excited about Shimelle's new class, I am looking forward to using up some old scrapbook stash!


humel said...

Aw... I'm all for training them young! ;-)

Lizzie said...

Two cots - oh my!

Adam looks so sweet! J's favourite was a mini duster on a stick. He did the lower shelves and I did the high ones. He would spend ages "dusting" for me!

jennifer said...

aww that is such a cute picture of adam! My little girl likes wiping, though it's getting to the point now that I think she's spilling drinks on purpose so she can wipe them up - might have to discourage this!