March 04, 2010

Days 55 & 56 of 365

Dentist time again! Where does the time go? It goes just as quick for the dentist crew too - I used to be a Dental Nurse and I remember looking in the book daily thinking 'Is it really 6 months since we seen Mrs soandso?' Last time I went to the dentist Adam didn't have many teeth but still managed to do a cheesy grin for the Dentist, this time he has nearly all of his teeth - he did the same cheesy grin but not for long! The dental nurse gave him a cute little plastic dental mirror which is what I used to hand out too (brought back some memories) and he played with it all day and for the rest of the week!

My photo for that day is of Adam preparing for his dentist visit!

On the 24th I decided to add more colour to my project 365 and photograph my craft paints, I loved how they look used and there are little traces of paint on the lid.

How weird is it that the title font has suddenly changed on my posts without me doing anything? Is it because I installed Flash player today? Could you please tell me, has it been like this for a while? Is is just my computer that wouldn't show it?


humel said...

I've been seeing this font for a while, perhaps it was just your computer :-)

Urgh, dentist... It must be nearly time for us to go again, not my favourite pastime! Lovely shot of Adam x Oh, and I love the paints too!

Sian said...

Sorry, I've got no idea about the flashplayer thing. Dentists make me shudder, I'm afraid!

SarahLP said...

Yes, I'm pretty sure your subject titles were in this font before now too!

Love your photos for project 365. Adam looks so cute cleaning his teeth.. I have a terrible time getting my 2 year old to clean his.. maybe a plastic dental mirror would encourage him!