March 27, 2010

Adam's first trip to A&E!

What a day! I spent all afternoon in A&E with Adam after he woke up this morning with a swollen finger. I immediately recognised what it was from teaching my students about nail diseases and disorders.

His cuticle had split (he probably picked it or chewed it!) and therefore the tissues became infected.

I rang the seedoc as I knew he needed antibiotics and they referred him to hospital, where the nurse dressed it with this huge plaster!!! I did feel a little silly going to A&E, but I knew it would get a lot worse if was left.

He was a little angel, even when they squeezed his finger!

- Posted using my iPhone, isn't technology great?


SarahLP said...

Ouch! poor little Adam, and well done to him for being so brave. Lucky you knew what to do and acted quickly!

debs14 said...

How lucky he is to have a clever mum who recognised the early stages of something bad. Fortunately little boys see a visit to A&E as an adventure. Hope it's the first and last visit there!

Sian said...

Very lucky that you knew what to do..those things can get really sore if they are left. He sounds like a brave lad!