February 11, 2010

We have more snow!

It started snowing yesterday morning when I left to go to work but as we normally NEVER have any snow, I thought it would stop after 5 mins! Well it didn't!

I work 20 minutes away from our house and it continued to snow all day there and it took me over an hour to drive home (a very scary experience). People were driving like looneys which didn't help!

Anyhoo, this morning we woke up to 10 inches of snow! I can't even remember the last time we had that much snow - that's how often (or should I say how little) we have snow!

This table is flat normally!!!!!

Snow climbing the walls!

I love how the gate looks as if it has icing on it!

Adam fell over in the snow, bless him - one of his little legs disappeared!


humel said...

How exciting for you - and especially for Adam :-) Enjoy! x

scrappyjacky said...

Looks a bit like our views as well...but as it's the 2nd time this year....I'm a bit fed up with it!!!!

debs14 said...

So pretty! But horrible when it affects you doing what you want to do. ie getting home quickly!
You've had much more than us, we had a dusting which quickly froze to something resembling the rink on 'dancing on ice'. So treacherous. Looks like you had a nice 'snow day' though!

jennifer said...

I know snow is dangerous and causes loads of problems but it's so pretty and so fun! I'm jealous as we've had none and I want to run and crunch in it!

Lizzie said...

We've had more snow too. It snowed on Tuesday morning, really hard, for about an hour. By 11am it had all melted. It snowed again overnight, but by 11am this morning, the sun had melted almost all of it again.
It's quite nice to wake up to icing sugar gardens, but I'm relieved that it hasn't hung around for long!
Yours is soo pretty. I hope you didn't have to go out today. Driving would not be fun!

Amy said...

It does look very pretty, but I'm convinced the weather of the world is going crazy!