February 07, 2010

Scrapbook pages

I managed to get a few pages completed that were on my 'To Scrap' pile (which I think I will now refer to as 'my TSP'), I have wanted to do a page about my iPhone since Christmas and I am really happy with how it turned out.

These girlie's are my second cousins and we get a school piccy of them every year, it is so cute to look at all the piccys together to see how much they have grown.

And finally.......

I have waiting a while to do a page on this too and it is where I am heading now so
Goodnight all!


JO SOWERBY said...

hi rachel,
have read all ur blogposts but only commenting on this one as too muchto say!!!! love all the LOs the Ipod phone looks fab........not sure i could manage that much technology!!! :)) i love the flower and stem, such a clever idea. hiope the teaching assessment went ok, i hated those when i was teaching. so much hardwork! re. adam's shoes, i live nears Clark's village discount store so if you ever want any reduced price clark's shoes give me a blog with a photo of the style etc and i'll see what i can do!
Jo xxx

Pretty-In-Ink said...

Your pages are lovely! I especially love the first one the layout is fabulous!

Lizzie said...

Great pages! The wonderful thing about scrapbooking is that you can choose any subject you want and make something special from it.
It's lovely to have something to celebrate and to make a great page out of that.
The layout of your little cousins is a fab idea. Something to tuck away and look at again when the next photo arrives - maybe you should make a second page, with spaces for the next few photos, so you have a matched pair!

sharyncarlson said...

Fun!!! I love the iPhone page. That reminds me that I'd like to do a page on that very topic!

humel said...

Oh, love all these layouts :-) I think the iPhone is my fave though - no wonder you're happy with it x

Sian said...

Love the iphone page! How did you get hold of that 365 app? I think I might need it :) (better late than never..)

Amy said...

You have been so busy Rachel - I love the i-phone page!
My kids feet seem to be growing by the minute - in some cases they are not wearing out their shoes at all!
Glad you got to go on a date night - we all need those :-)

jennifer said...

Love the pages, esp the bed one - I like how you've made the flowers grow up the page like they do on your bedspread!