February 12, 2010

Pushchairs and Banana's!

The new pushchair arrived yesterday and this morning we assembled it - It is huge! I decided to go for a tandem style rather than a 'side-by-side' as a lot of the shops in our little town have small doors! So I should still be able to squeeze in with this one!

Adam decided to road-test this morning and got in the front, although he was only pushed to the kitchen and back! (would of been rather strange outside with only one baby inside!)

Bless him, still in his Bob the builder PJ's!
**Pregnancy update***
I am not entirely sure what a craving is, I know that sounds weird but I go through 'phases' and I have always been like that. I suddenly think of something I want to eat and then spend a week or so 'indulging' before I change my mind and then it is on to the next thing! Hence the bizarre 'is this a craving?' thought. I was like this in my last pregnancy and I am like it now.
A few weeks ago it was beef hoola hoops and now it is banana's! Speaking of which, I'm off to eat another one!
What have your cravings been and are they weird? I'm already jealous!


jennifer said...

I never had any wierd 'cravings' but whenever I say that my hubby points out that he caught me eating dairy milk chocolate and roast chicken at the same time (a nibble of one, then the other, and back again). I don't count this as a craving as I didn't particularly fancy it, they were just both there and eating them together didn't seem wierd?! Perhaps you should try some unusual combinations just for the fun of it?!

humel said...

It looks fab - very comfy :-)

I didn't crave anything 'weird'; my oddest craving was for tuna and cucumber sandwiches - and that was only odd because I was vegetarian at the time!

Sian said...

Wow, it is big..I think you made a wise choice avoiding the side-by-side one! Very smart though. I used to crave apple crumble when I was pregnant..used to give me really bad indigestion lol

Heather said...

I craved cold tinned spaghetti (I know... ugh!) and I still eat some of my sons before its warmed in the saucepan!! :)

Amy said...

I had more of an avoidance issue when I was pregnant for the first time - there was no way I could look at, touch or smell red meat.
Good choice of pram as well - we call them prams here - wide ones are a big pain.