February 05, 2010

Going on dates

Adam stayed with his grandparents last night and so today Steve and I had a day to ourselves, we went on a date! It was lovely, we went out for lunch to Frankie & Benny's and then went to the cinema to see Sherlock Holmes - which was quite good!

It's so good to get some quality time together before the new arrival as It's going to be limited soon! I am 24 weeks now and the little baby is very active, especially at night! I am in the stage where they wake you up every few hours in preparation for the months ahead!

I am so excited though and I was looking at tiny babygrows in Mothercare today, I just can't believe that Adam once fitted into those!

Day 35: This picture was actually taken this morning as it was lighter, But yesterday Steve fitted two new doors upstairs, so now we are all matching! The two new doors are just waiting to be glossed now. This DIY business really takes a long time to come together doesn't it?


Lizzie said...

Snap! Those are just the same as the doors we have... I still have a door to finish painting - the one into our new bedroom. I've done the inside, but the little lobby area and the door still need to be painted and the wallpaper replaced where they took out the window and replaced it will a full-height hole for the entrance to the extension. Spring or summer job though - I'm still working on getting those shelves for my workroom!
It is nice to get some "Us Time" when you have children. Maybe something to work at when the new teeny is settled in at home... then time together (even if it's just in front of a dvd with a pizza) will be even more special.

humel said...

Good for you :-) That quality time is vital! Glad you had a good time x