February 21, 2010

Days 49 & 50 of 365

A couple of days ago I mentioned my boots, I LOVE these boots. They are so comfortable and I have worn them so much that I have worn them out! I decided to take them to the local shoe menders to see if they can be re-healed.


They are past the point of repairing, I have worn the heal down at an angle as I walk with pressure on one side and the shoe mender seemed reluctant to take on my beautiful problem boots *sob*

So they are now in the wheeley bin! I couldn't do it - Steve had to do it for me!
Goodbye boots!!!

Day 49 I brought my new web cam and I still can't get the sound to work! I think it may be broken!

I have given up with trying to change the font of my post titles, It was far too confusing and I am starting to worry that I may change bits I am not meant too!
So here is the new Rachel B's World:


Lizzie said...

It's not been quite your day for stuff working right...

The boots are a pity. We have an old-fashioned "cobbler" in our town. Wouldn't there be something like that near you? The popular shoe-repair chain shops are not interested in anything "technical", but the traditional cobblers are.
I guess you could post them to me...

humel said...

Love your new-look blog! :-)

So sorry about your boots though x

jennifer said...

Wow I really like the new look for the blog - cute and funky and original!
Hope you get the webcam to work, I love chatting to family on mine!

Cheryl said...

Love the new look x

sharyncarlson said...

I LOVE the new look of your blog! What a fun change :) And very sorry about your boots!!