February 20, 2010

Days 46, 47 & 48 of 365

I didn't managed to make pancakes on pancake day as I completely forgot to but anything to put on them! I had all the ingredients to make the pancakes but I didn't want them plain, so I made them the next day! I had lemon and sugar on these ones and had forgotten how good that was! I normally have nutella!!!

My slippers that I got for Christmas broke after only having them for two weeks! All the stitching came apart and one of the pom-pom's fell off (see here for a piccy), my mum brought them for me and decided that wasn't good enough - so she sent them back! With all the snow etc, they have only just arrived, they are not the same as my old ones but they are very comfortable and they look a lot stronger!!!
I work at a college, so when it comes to half terms etc, it is different from a school. We do not automatically get the holidays off, we get a holiday allowance for the year like any other job and we can only take holiday in the holidays. I worked during this half term as I am saving my holiday up so that I can go on maternity leave earlier. Plus it was so quiet, so I could potter and get all of my jobs done. This picture was taken before lunch and before I cleared my desk of jobs!


The Scrappy Tree said...

I had lemon and sugar on some, and nutella on another! LOL
Love the new blog look :)

humel said...

I used to love Nutella - till I found out I had a nut allergy.... Glad you got your pancakes in the end :-)