February 24, 2010

Day 52 of 365


A big CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Rachel and her partner on the birth of their little baby girl Evie Grace, who entered this world on Monday. Mother and baby are both well and I can't wait to meet little Evie.

*Pregnancy update*
I have now entered the third trimester and I am feeling even more tired now! My belly has ballooned and everyone keeps saying that I look ready to have little one now! I have been given a new work tunic which is just 'bigger' It isn't a maternity tunic so it is just big in the wrong places and I now feel like a sack of potatoes!! I am counting down the weeks until I go on maternity leave now and I have 5 teaching weeks left!! I have decided to leave during the Easter holidays then I am going to try and rest as much as poss!

Onto Project 365:

These cute little feet obviously belong to Adam! He is modelling his new slippers which make his feet look huge, but they are mostly padding! These slippers were once my cousin's son's, who is now 4, he gave them to Adam when he was born - he decided he was too big for them and Adam should have them! They are a little big for Adam at the moment, but he does look cute walking in them. He stops and bends down to squeeze them, then continues on about his business! So cute!


Lizzie said...

Babies everywhere... Evie Grace is such a pretty name! My younger (but grown up!) niece is due to have her baby any second! We know it will be a girl, but they've kept their name ideas very quiet... so exciting!

You could take a couple of tucks in your new work top, to make it more "maternity shaped".

Looove the slippers! J. was totally hooked on trains and Thomas the Tank Engine, when he was little. We still have the toys in the loft - hoping the little girls will fancy them now. Baby niece no.1 is now 17 months, so I think I'll look for the big engines. She may like to push them about and she'll love their bright colours and smiley faces!

humel said...

Very cute indeed :-) Congrats to your friends, how exciting! And take of yourself hun xx

Sian said...

That really takes me back, my son had a pair of slippers like that when he was 2..13 years ago! Look after yourself.