February 05, 2010

Busy week!

It's been a busy week, I was observed this week in one of my lesson's so extra time and effort went into the planning to make sure every little detail was perfect. So of course that had to be photographed for my 365! Day 32 a.k.a 1st February:

Tuesday was my late night again at work and this is one of my favourite quick meals to have when I come home, It is grilled mushrooms and tomatoes on toast - I love it! Sorry for the poor picture quality but I was so hungry I didn't mess around!

We had some groceries delivered on the 3rd and it was time to re-stock the baby wipes again! Something that I'm sure will be in house for years to come and I always wonder now how I ever managed without them!

More snippets to follow!

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humel said...

Love these glimpses of the everyday :-) It'll be fascinating to compare with what life is like in a few years' time x