February 27, 2010

Building cots and haircuts

On Thursday we finally cut Adam's hair! I wanted to leave it until he was at least 2 but I do have to admit that he was starting to look a bit silly! It was long at the back at short at the sides!

So first I cut Steve's hair then I used the clippers on Adam, We left it on the longest grade (8) for the top and he had a 6 on the sides - just like Steve! He does look rather cute and it looks so much better as it is all neat and tidy, but it did make my heart go funny!

Onto cot building! This morning I decided to finally build the cot that we were given for the new baby, it has been sat in the house for a while - but it felt to early to have it in the room. As it was given to us, I had no idea how to build it - It didn't come with a set of instructions!

I tried but there were so many little bits and pieces that I thought I would be there all day! So I had a brainwave and found the name and make of the cot printed on the bottom then googled it! Good old google found an instruction manual, so I printed it and 30 mins later the cot had been built! I have now ordered a new mattress for it and need to look at some more bedding.

*Crafty Things*
I scrapbooked yesterday and made these two pages for Adam's album. I am slowly working through it - I need to buy a second album now!


humel said...

Aww, first haircut - such a big step! Bless! Love the layouts :-) Wrong football team though... ;-)

Lizzie said...

Ahhhh... did you keep a lock from his first haircut, for your memory box? When J had his first haircut, it was at a local salon. The sweet little girl who cut his hair (called Emma) put a curl into a little plastic packet and gave him a certificate! We still have them.

The layouts are lovely. Adam is 100% cute! I especially like the First T-Shirt one. That huge smile is wonderful!

debs14 said...

That first haircut is such a milestone, your baby is growing up!
I'm sure there will be many, many more football kits in the future however, I'm with Mel on the team front, he should clearly be wearing a Spurs shirt ;-)

SarahLP said...

Aaah, those layouts are gorgeous! I remember the heart-wrenching moment my DH cut my son Harry's hair for the first time.. he had such sweet little curls but I'm afraid he did look rather girlie with them!

PS The footie shirt should have been Arsenal! ;o)

The Scrappy Tree said...

That is SUCH a cute pic! Great pose for the camera :)