February 19, 2010

Another busy day!

I like busy days as I feel I have achieved something, I can't stand not doing anything!

7.30am - Adam woke up, fed him his breakfast then I had mine.
8am - After a couple of nappy changes, playtime with Adam.
9am - Steve woke up after a late shift, I then got dressed etc and dressed Adam
10am - Quick 30 mins blog-hopping
10.30am - left house to go and have routine blood tests for pregnancy
12.00 noon - Adam and I returned from doctors + had completed few small jobs around the town, including not getting my boots re-healed. Will explain more later!
12.05pm - dropped off travel cot to mum and picked up parcel at post office
12.30pm - Steve left for work and I fed Adam his lunch
1.00pm - Cleaned the bathroom while Adam played with this bath toys on the bathroom floor!
1.30pm - General tidy up for upstairs
2.00pm - Playtime with Adam
3.30pm - Still trying to get Adam off for his nap! *failed*
4.30pm - Adam and I had dinner
4.45pm - Decided to make another cake! Adam wanted to play with the butter!
5.30pm - Adam still hasn't had his nap! So we snuggle on the sofa while he watches Handy Manny and Mickey mouse *still not asleep!*
5.45pm - Adam decided to play with his building blocks in the kitchen, rather than sleep - So I clean the kitchen!
6.30pm - A very tied little boy gets into his Jammies
6.45pm - Adam drinks his bedtime milk
7.00pm - Adam finally gives up and goes to bed! I eat some cake! Tidy up all of Adam's toys then sit down to blog-hop and wait for Eastenders to come on!
8.00pm - Eastenders!
9.00pm - Up to my craft room to relax for an hour before Steve comes home from work.

I think I may have to scrapbook this day!!!!!

Onto my 365, Day 45: The lovely Valentines day. Although Steve was working, we did manage to grab some time to swap cards. We do the same thing at Valentines as we do for Christmas, we have one big card that we write in every year. We have done this since we were married and it is lovely to see the comments grow every year.

Day 44: I made a Chocolate Gateau, it won't win any awards for presentation but it was very yummy!!!!!

Day 43: the pushchair arrived, see previous post
Well I am off to have a cup of Tea and put my feet up, Night all x


The Scrappy Tree said...

Yummy looking gateau!

humel said...

Gosh, that is a busy day! That gateau looks gorgeous :-)

jennifer said...

My daughter no longer naps during the day (she's nearly 2). She stopped napping a couple of months ago. It's hectic! She will watch Shrek for a while so I can get the washing up done though!

Yummy looking cake!