February 07, 2010

Adam's feet have grown already!

Adam's feet have grown already! I can't believe it, I took him out shopping and decided to go and get his feet checked at Clark's as they recommended last time that I took him back just to check if the shoes were OK. The lady measured him again and it turns out they have grown half a size! So he needed a new pair of shoes. I suppose I had better get used to this rapid foot growth!

Day 38 of my 365 is Adam's old shoes that no longer fit him.

On Day 37 I ironed! I really don't like ironing, but the shirts were piling up - so needs must!

1 comment:

humel said...

Sorry hun, but yes - get used to the rapid foot growth.....

If I do any ironing at all this year I shall be sure to capture it in my 365 lol!!