January 14, 2010


Why do I scrapbook?

Shimelle posted a lovely video on her blog about why she scrapbooks and asked everyone the same question.

I scrapbook because I enjoy it most importantly, it is an outlet as I find it incredible relaxing and therapeutic. I also do it as a way of looking back at those little details that can sometimes be missed, I love looking through my scrapbooks and thinking 'Oh yeah! I forgot about about that!'

I also love anything to do with sticking bits of paper together and getting messy with glitters and glue etc, always have done and I always will. Sometimes family and friends look at my pages and sometimes they go into an album on the shelf. But there will always be a record there to look back on over the years and I hope whoever looks at them will be able to tell how much I love scrapbooking and treasuring all those little memories - whether it is something silly (like my love of post-its! Fill you in on that later!) or my most precious memories.

So I guess, like most scrapbookers, I do it for me - Because I love it!!!!!!

On a funny note, Adam woke up from his nap today with the crazy professor hair that I was referring too!!!


jennifer said...

hee hee, my daughter has the exact same hairstyle when she wakes up from a nap! Very designer-messy!

I scrap because my parents can never remember details about photos and I want to make sure I can tell my daughter lots of stories about them when she's older!

debs14 said...

Looks like the 'scary hair' fairies have visited him in the night!
Love your reasons for scrapping!

humel said...

lol at the hair!! Lovely post, very similar reasons to the ones I shared on my own blog :-)