January 14, 2010

Today's Random pics so far

I have previously mentioned that I am doing a project 365, Project 365 is where you take a photo a day and you can scrapbook that picture every day. I won't be doing the scrapbook page everyday, but I do like the thought of a photo journal and so will be taking photos and scrapping the ones that stand out for me.

I know a few fellow bloggers are doing the same like humel, I am going to add my pics to my flickr if you want to see what I have already taken.

I really like the Ali Edwards 365 overlays that Humel has used so you may see a few photos with those appearing!

For today I took a random of my new peg bag! It was hanging there this morning looking at me while I ate my breakfast reminding me it needed pegs placing inside and it needed to be put away!

Secondly I took a picture of Adam's curls at the back, I really don't want to cut his hair but I know at some point he is going to look like a crazy professor! He was watching telly and they just looked so cute and had to be captured! Apologies for the weird lighting, this was taken on my phone!

Lastly I was upstairs getting Adam dressed and decided to take a picture of him on his bear chair. Every month, from when he was 1 month old up to 12 months old, I took a picture of him on this chair and this morning I wanted to see how much he had grown! Quite a lot!

If I take any more random's today then I will be back, if not bye for now and enjoy your day!


Lizzie said...

Adam is sweet. Why cut his curls - let them grow, they're lovely!
The peg bag is pretty. The sort of thing you don't really want to put away out of sight. I like spots, they're cheerful!

humel said...

Lovely pics :-) Thanks for signing up to my 365 MckLinky, it's lovely to share this project with other people! x