January 31, 2010

Reflecting on 10 years!

I know it's a little late in January, but as another decade has gone It has made me reflect on the last 10 years.

So here is my list of things I have been thinking about.

10 Years ago:

  • I still lived at home
  • I couldn't drive
  • I was a Dental nurse
  • I wasn't married
  • Nobody called me Mummy
  • Steve & I had been together for 7 months
  • I didn't know anything about nails
  • I didn't have any tattoo's
  • I had never been on an aeroplane
  • I had never been to a concert
  • I had never been to lakeside or Bluewater
  • I wasn't very adventurous with food
  • I didn't know how to pull a pint
  • I didn't wash or iron my own clothes!
  • I had left school 6 months ago
  • I used to sleep in at weekends
  • I didn't own a computer or even know what Internet was
  • I didn't have a digital camera

There are probably so many more and as I think of them I will add to the list, and of course a photo of me 10 years ago! It isn't very good quality as they were not back then!

What would be in your list?


scrappyjacky said...

Just amazing how much changes in 10 years!!

sharyncarlson said...

What an interesting list! It's amazing when you stop for a minute and think about how much life can change!

JO SOWERBY said...

hi rachel,
thanx for becoming my 24th follower!!! :) You have made my day. I have got the lurgy and felt so ill until about 30 minutes ago I was in bed dying..........!!!
10 years ago I was living in Southampton, just going through the process of buying my 1st house, working on a special care baby unit...........now I live in Somerset, rent a small flat and am currently unemployed! Big changes. But I'm still here. Hope that baby is behaving in there today and not too m uch sickness or tears.
Jo xxx

Lizzie said...

An interesting list! A lot does change over 10 years. I've moved house 3 times in that period, from East to West and back again.

I didn't scrapbook much 10 years ago, though I'd had a try (not realising it was a "real" hobby, but just thinking it would be nice to embellish my photo pages).

I expect a lot will change between now and 2020, but I hope that most of it will be positive.

humel said...

That's really interesting :-) Gosh, 10 years ago I had a brand new baby and so much to learn....

Amy said...

You have reminded me to make a list like this - I meant to a while ago and then forgot!
I'm glad you enjoy visiting my blog - don't you love how we can all connect from such a variety of places around the world?
Oh, and continued good luck with all things pregnancy related - it takes a toll on the body second time around ... fatigue is so much more difficult to deal with when you already have a young one to care for - view it as good training for what is to come ;-)